About me.

My name is Kevin de Greeff, I am a third-year student at the game development study at Deltion college Zwolle, Currently I’m looking for an internship for my education starting January 30th 2017, For the last 3 years I’ve been studying game development /game artist working in game labs and personal projects I enjoy playing games drawing and just creating stuff in general, I always liked to put my mind on paper and in recent years in 3d. In my spare time, I constantly am trying out new stuff whether it be trying to draw something new or trying out a new concept in games, I try to experience new things I particularly like to organics, I find it very interesting how a creature would be designed, how it would behave, how it would function, if it even could function. Although my main interests lie with organics I also am fond of sci-fi in general, Particularly cyberpunk and to be even more specific: Human augmentation, a lot of my concept art revolves around cyborgs and redesigning of limb and body structure. I hope that I will be able to grow and learn from my internship so that one day I may create and be able to show what I used to thought was impossible and I hope that I may be a valuable colleague in your company.

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